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This is the structure that make us tick!

Business and Networking Group

This group was initiated to support C88 Set Classmates (most of who are Entrepreneurs) in their respective businesses.....

The Welfare Group

The committee has found many ways to cater to the well-being of members in as many ways as possible. Since inception, the committee....

The Owanbe Crew

The Owanbe Crew is a voluntary social group that started out casually but has grown to be formally recognized by the larger house. The platform......

The C88 Babes

The Covid lockdown was a period of stress, anxiety and loneliness for many. In May 2020, the idea to initiate a chat group for ladies to come together, support one .....

from the office of the president


My Dear Colleagues, Friends, Elders, Ladies and Gentlemen;
1. Prayers Peace to this House (Luke 10:5) and all within it. We give all the Thanks, Glory, Honour, and Adoration to our Lord God, the Almighty, Most High, the Most Merciful, the Most Benevolent, the Most Beneficent.The LORD GOD is OUR strength and OUR shield; OUR hearts trusted in Him, and WE are helped; therefore,OUR hearts greatly rejoice, and with songsWE will praise Him (Ps 20:7), amen.
2. Gratitude My thanks and appreciation to everyone in the Class of Eagles, for your efforts, time, contributions, sacrifices and commitment to the progress and development of ComLag‘88 Set. Special thanks to the Leadership of the House, and to all serving and former Executives of the ComLag 88 Set Alumni. Thanks to all elected and nominated officers for volunteering to serve the polity. The Lord shall attend to all your needs as you attend to the needs of others, amen.
3. Commendations Commendations to the current and past Presidents - WS, FS–all interim and substantive Executive Officers (ExCo).....
Respectfully and in your service:

Kayode Ogunsola

Class Captain, CSSLOSA C88 Set


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Kayode Ogunsola


Hawa Husenah Iyamabo

Vice President

Samuel G. Olorogun

General Secretary

Janet Oputa

Public Relations Officer

Vivian Okafor

Financial Secretary

Ayo Awolola


Kemi Adenodi

Welfare Secretary

Funmi Suleman

Ex Officio

Wole Shodunke

Ex Officio

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    Memory lane

    Memories of Comlag

    On this beautiful Monday morning assembly in our auditorium, Col Lawal had asked what was the meaning of the word Elitism? a pin drop silence followed! By the way I was representing my house, Dragon House for this debate and had prepared well for the debate. Again his voice boomed with the question. I plucked up the courage and walked to the stage and mumbled what I thought was the answer. Then came the verdict, our Commandant gave nod of approval for efforts, he however admonished that in my response I had used the words “so therefore “ he said both words meant the same thing and it’s tautology. Till this day I have never forgotten and I remember he corrected in love which also made the blow bearable but it has remained a teachable moment with benefit of hindsight.
    Bisi Oyedeji
    Arriving on my first day in command, I was excited to meet and make new friends. I was allocated to Red house – Rima House (Name was changed to Octopus 2 years later). The year 5 student who became my school mother immediately helped me settle in. our house prefect – Senior Charity called All year one students to her bedside and gave us our orientation talk and timelines. Light out was called and I slept off but was rudely awakened the next day by the bell for wakeup and morning duty. Now the most memorable and turning point of my life – I was assigned to CLEAN THE FOUR (4) TOILETS. Now that to me was very inhumane, nightmarish, creepy, etc. I cried seriously because I had never done any household chores at home. ‘I WAS ON MY OWN’. That experience paved the way for me to be determined, focused and to see challenges as steps towards success. Thank you command for building me up.
    Joy Falola (Egege)
    It was Form 2, imagine the sordid experience of jesting with a classmate and suddenly it came to being pelted with a broken plate shrapnel. Running through a glass door in the course of honoring an errand. Imagine the ensuing barrage of social stigma of being the cynosure of endless tirade. The reverie brings me to deep-seated gratitude and appreciation to God for the courage and resilience of my parents and other inalienable support systems that saw me through the emotionally grueling tempest that characterized my formative years. However, I would always cherish the mentorship of Evans Bayefa, he was always there for me, nudging me to always be who I choose to be. This experience taught me to take responsibility and be sensitive to my environment.
    Sina David (Awojuyigbe)