Dear Commandos.

Be reminded that the process to fill executive positions of our esteemed alumni has commenced.

In order to deliver a transparent and smooth election process, we implore all Commandos to kindly go through the attached election guidelines and materials for information.

All* members, who duly meet the electoral guidelines/conditions are eligible to vote and be voted for

Kindly direct your questions and inquiries to the Electoral Committee.

Have a productive week ahead.

Together we shall win together.

Electoral Committee.

Please be reminded of the following:
1. Voting shall be by electronic means: you can vote from wheresoever you are on the planet.

2. Added to other advantages, payment of dues empowers you to vote.
3. You can only vote if you pay your dues at least 30days before the elections.
4. All elective positions require candidates to have paid their dues consistently in the last 3 consecutive years prior to our elections.
5. All aspirants must be recommended by their set EXCO.

Please see our Electoral guidelines below.

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