However, you must first find contraband that you can deliver, and even if you do, the challenge is not over. It is not known whether more than one contraband contract can be entered into during a game, as they appear to be as rare as they are. Some players reported that they saw fewer contraband contracts in the days following the first release of Season 4, so Infinity Ward may have tinkered with the spawnrate. This new type of contract gives you the opportunity to earn a variety of permanent plans for your weapons collection by delivering contraband to specific locations. The easiest way to use this method is to keep an eye on your surroundings, and if you see red smoke from a contraband drop-off point, approach it carefully. Once you are in possession of the contraband, you should look for a new marker on your card indicating the drop-off point of the contraband. Once you get there, you should see an area highlighted by a white light. Now that you`ve dropped the red smoke rocket, it`s best if you find the closest cover so that some enemy forces don`t intend to get you out of the game and destroy your chances of getting the beloved rewards, which, honestly, could get really frustrating. The hardest thing about contraband contracts is actually finding one. Unlike contracts you`re used to seeing, you can`t instantly locate contraband on the map. Instead, they appear as a random drop after the conclusion of one of the three traditional contracts.

The problem is that smuggling is extremely rare. After playing dozens of games and signing several contracts at once, we were only able to find one. It`s not clear if there`s anything else you can do to increase the spawning rate, but right now you`re still signing contracts to hopefully find contraband. Just look for the red smoke visible on the site of a contraband drop-off point. If you`re lucky enough to notice one, rush to it immediately and enjoy your chances of killing the player wearing it, and you`ll be well on your way to delivering it for a considerable amount of money and this gorgeous exclusive weapons plan. But beware of the ruthless blade of karma, because if you don`t bring the contraband to your destination quickly enough, other players could do to you what you did to the previous poor person. Continue to conclude contracts successfully and finally a blue box will appear under the loot you will receive to conclude a contract. Keep in mind that the contraband contract appears as a reward for signing a contract, so you don`t need to find it on your card and drive there – just keep making contracts and look for a blue briefcase.

Everything you need to know about the new contract type in Warzone. That`s why we decided to summarize as much information as possible to shed light on how to sign contraband contracts, where to find them, and what to get to complete them. The Smuggling Treaty is the latest treaty introduced in Warzone and rewards players and teams who sign the contract with a brand new Blueprint weapon to add to their arsenal. After a short wait, a bag is lowered by a chopper, in the same way that you can deposit money in Plunder, where you have to deposit your contraband. We recommend that you try the simplest contracts to bring up contraband goods. Recon and Scavenger can be completed relatively quickly, especially if you have another teammate to help you. Bounty hunter contracts are feasible, but they require much more skills to complete. So, if you are not convinced of your abilities, we recommend that you continue to sign reconnaissance and recovery contracts instead. If you don`t see a contraband contract after a contract expires, you can always get your hands on the briefcase by disassembling a carrier, stealing the briefcase, and harvesting the fruit for you and your team! Now that we have the instructions on how to find the contraband and dispose of it, let`s take a look at some of the plans you might get from contraband contracts, as we believe this might encourage you to pursue such contracts more frequently. A new rare contract is available in Warzone, and when you sign it, you`ll be rewarded with a new plan The contraband contract is a rare contract that has the chance to pop up once a previous contract has been concluded. If you have just signed a contract and see a briefcase, take it and begin transportation to a specific helicopter extraction location that appears on the minimap. This is a rare new contract that will never be present on the card until you have already signed a contract.

After the conclusion of a contract, the smuggling contract has the opportunity to spawn. The more contracts you enter into, the more likely you are to meet that contract. Contracts in Call of Duty Warzone appear as relatively small tablets whose position is clearly visible on your map. So you can plan your drop around one of these contracts, try to complete their missions, and get the precious money you could use to buy things in Warzone. There are a lot of contracts in the game – bounty and scavengers, to name a few. .