Download the GSP here – Subcontractor Management Plan A Subcontractor Management Plan (SMP) describes the relationship between contractors when performing work for a particular project and describes the methods used by the prime contractor to ensure the production of quality results for each of its subcontractors. It will also ensure the development of long-term business relationships between companies. Tired of anger? Hidden fees popping up? The lack of professionalism of a contractor after the start of your project? At SMP Contracting LLC, we strive to be the best at what we do! Not only with the services we offer, but also with our customer service! We offer the most competitive prices and services in our service area. We treat each order with the same amount of professional service as the next. SMP Contracting LLC is all about quality, not quantities like our competitors. This guide is not exhaustive and some areas may not apply to your contract. Also, be sure to specify other components or areas that are relevant to your contract. This SMP provides guidance for outsourcing management, including the following: Please submit a job application with us and we will make sure you get the most out of your project. .