My Dear Colleagues, Friends, Elders, Ladies and Gentlemen; 

  1. Prayers

Peace to this House (Luke 10:5) and all within it. We give all the Thanks, Glory, Honour, and Adoration to our Lord God, the Almighty, Most High, the Most Merciful, the Most Benevolent, the Most Beneficent.The LORD GOD is OUR strength and OUR shield; OUR hearts trusted in Him, and WE are helped; therefore,OUR hearts greatly rejoice, and with songsWE will praise Him (Ps 20:7), amen.

  • Gratitude

My thanks and appreciation to everyone in the Class of Eagles, for your efforts, time, contributions, sacrifices and commitment to the progress and development of ComLag‘88 Set. Special thanks to the Leadership of the House, and to all serving and former Executives of the ComLag 88 Set Alumni. Thanks to all elected and nominated officers for volunteering to serve the polity. The Lord shall attend to all your needs as you attend to the needs of others, amen.

  • Commendations

Commendations to the current and past Presidents – WS, FS–all interim and substantive Executive Officers (ExCo) for your roles and contributions in the foundation, growth and development of the 88 Set Alumni. We thank you all and we remain grateful. God bless you.Our thanks and commendations as well to the members of the Electoral Committee (EC) – BB, OO, OJ, AO, KO – for their work, time and for midwifing the process of choosing new Executives for the 88 Set Alumni. We are grateful for your time and efforts.God bless you. We thank all members of Adhoc and Standing Committees as well, our gratitude, thanks and blessings always.

  • Service

A new vista is upon us. I am personally committed to delivering on the 5 Point Agenda – (1) Proactive Welfare(2) Empowerment Projects (3) Personal Development (4) Skills Development (5) Faith & Counselling – #raisethebar!. I, and by extension the incoming Executives commit to serve you, and to contribute positively to the further development of ComLag 88, We deserve nothing less. I promise to do my utmost to build and develop the House and to leave it better than I have met it. We have done an excellent job this far and God Willing, we shall do a more excellent job. It’s clearly going to be a challenge but with God on our side, nothing shall be impossible for us.

  • Ask

For myself, I would like to kindly request a small favour of you all please: in all our personal and forum communications please refer to me simply as KO. If you insist on an appellation/title, then kindly use Class Captain. It is a small ask which I hope you will all humour me to request of you all. I made a pledge that I must maintain. I also want to remain accountable to myself and everyone in the group/set. I want to devote this term to the service of the collective and to the betterment of the welfare of all our members. I have specifically prayed for God to grant us the resources, strength, wisdom, and wherewithal to achieve more and better for the 88’Set. I firmly believe He will deliver for us. Forward ever for the Class of Eagles.

  • Next Steps

Over the next few days, the elected/nominated Officers of the incoming Executives will meet to fashion out a way of work that will hopefully reduce the burden of work and recognize our present realities. It is my wish and prayer that service in leadership becomes much easier, fun and a mutually beneficial engagement for all of us.We must allow the President and Officers of the outgoing Exco, the respect of our silence in their last week of service. I thank you all for according to me/us the honour of service to the 88 Set. I thank you all again for this opportunity. God bless you.

Parting Word

The Word I have is that He shall reward excellently for all your labours and sacrifices, no one shall go divinely unrewarded. It has been well with us, it is well with us, and it shall always remain well with us and all that concerns us. I speak Love, Peace, Joy, and Prosperity to each and every oneof us in this House (Isaiah 44:26).  God bless you all.

Respectfully and in your service: