My Memories Of Comlag

Whenever I look and think of my time in Command Secondary School,c Ipaja Lagos nostalgic memories come rushing back. The quality of teachers and teaching was excellent, life long friendships that have now become family remains one the greatest highlights of my life.

One experience that remains evergreen in my memory was during the tenth anniversary of our School. Our Commandant Of blessed memory Colonel Lawrence Ishola Lawal had initiated a debate to commemorate the epoch making event. I cannot recollect the exact name of the topic but it was something along the lines of “Elite Schools “

On this beautiful Monday morning assembly in our auditorium, Col Lawal had asked what was the meaning of the word Elitism, a pin drop silence followed! By the way I was representing my house, Dragon House for this debate and had prepared well for the debate. Again his voice boomed with the question. I plucked up the courage and walked to the stage and mumbled what I thought was the answer.

Then came the verdict, our Commandant gave nod of approval for efforts, he however admonished that in my response I had used the words “so therefore “ he said both words meant the same thing and it’s tautology. Till this I have never forgotten and I remember he corrected in love which also made the blow bearable but it has remained a teachable moment with benefit of hindsight.

Bisi Oyedeji

Dragon House

1988 Set