My First 24 hours @ Command – Lagos

I was so delighted when I received my admission letter into secondary school – Command Secondary School Ipaja Lagos and anxiously counted the days to my resumption with an expectant heart.

The day came in September 1983. My dear mother dropped me off by 6pm and I was directed to my dormitory by the staff after the soldiers had carried out inspection checks etc. I was excited to meet and make new friends. I was allocated to Red house – Rima House (Name was changed to Octopus 2 years later).

I was assigned to the second dormitory and my bed was the second on the left row. The year 5 student who became my school mother immediately helped me settle in. our house prefect – Senior Charity called All year one students to her bedside and gave us our orientation talk and timelines (Waking Up, Morning Duties, Inspection, Breakfast, School Lunch, Siesta, Prep, Dinner, Prep and Light Out).

Light out was called and I slept off but was rudely awakened the next day by the bell for wakeup and morning duty. Now the most memorable and turning point of my life – I was assigned to CLEAN THE FOUR (4) TOILETS. Now that to me was very inhumane, nightmarish, creepy, etc. The sights were very unpleasant, smelly and clogged. I cried seriously because I had never done any household chores at home (I am an only child) where there were lots of adults and housekeepers. No one consoled me. My fellow year one students sympathized but definitely ‘I WAS ON MY OWN’. I braised up and remembered that I could do it and I went into the toilet and completely did the job perfectly and was removed from that job after a week.

Looking back now, I thank the senior that assigned the worst job to me within my first twelve (12) hours in command. That experience paved the way for me to be determined, focused and to see challenges as steps towards success. Thank you command for building me up.

Joy Egege – Falola (FCA)

Octopus House

House Prefect (1987/1988)