Olusina David (Awojuyigbe)

Testimonial of my most memorable experience at  Comlag.

I survived!

It was Form 2, imagine the sordid experience of jesting with a classmate and suddenly it came to being  pelted with a broken plate shrapnel. Again to running through a glass door in the course of honoring an errand.

But God showed up, He saved from recurring tendencies of impairment and life threatening thread wires.

Imagine the ensuing barrage of social stigma of being the cynosure of endless tirade.

The reverie brings me to deep-seated gratitude and appreciation to God for the courage and resilience of my parents and other inalienable support systems that saw me through the emotionally grueling tempest that characterized my formative years.

However, I would always cherish the mentorship of Evans Bayefa, he was always there for me, nudging me to always be who I choose to be.

The consequence of action or inaction is inevitable, even as a child.

This experience taught me to take responsibility and be sensitive to my environment.

I made it, I grew up, I found the path to me, I stand; because God stood by me.

Yes, I survived!

Olusina David (Awojuyigbe)

Scorpion House